The NBA Series can be enhanced with an optional barcode reader. In addition, RFID function offers the extra capability to validate barcode tickets and vouchers as well as to transfer the cash box information to the docking station (optional). Equipped with advanced note centering technology, the NBA is able to accept a wide variety of different note widths without sacrificing any functionality. Flexible, durable, secure Automatic note centering Smart, removable, lockable cash box Optical anti-fishing function.

Bill Insertion
Four way acceptable

Acceptance Rate
96% or greater

Bill Accepted Width
62~83 mm

Bill Box Capacity
Approx. 500 bills

Transaction Speed
Approx. 5 seconds to stack

Pulse, ccTalk, RS232

Easy to open and cleaning

Power Consumption
Standby: 0,3A, 3.6W
Operation: 1,25A, 15W
Maximum: 3A, 36W

Operation Enviroment
Operation Temperature : 0°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature : -30°C ~ 70°C
Humidity : 30%~95% RH ( no condensation )

Approx. 4Kg


Gaming, Kiosk